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modern methods of teaching vs traditional

Ever since the modern methods of teaching have started becoming a thing, Schools and Institutes have started adopting these techniques to make their classroom teachings more effective-Modern Methods of Teaching.

While many people argue that these newly adopted methods are not as good as the traditional methods, there are a certain number of advantages that put modern methods above those.

Especially for CA Final students, these have helped a lot by maintaining the consistency in quality of education throughout the nation.

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What are the Modern Methods Of Teaching?

Modern methods of teaching involve the use of technology to deliver quality education to the students. Few of the major examples are Satellite Classes, Virtual Classrooms, Pen drive Lectures, etc.

VG Learning Destination has over 150 centres across the nation and thanks to their virtual classes, Students all over India get the best quality of lectures from CA Vinod Gupta himself.

If it wasn’t for the Modern classrooms, they would still be relying on the traditional methods. There would have been a different teacher on every centre and thus the quality of education would be inconsistent.

When it comes to studying Direct Tax, It is very important for a CA Final student to utilize the best available resources. Since Direct Tax is one of the most lengthy and difficult papers, it is very crucial for them to study from the best faculties.

Every teaching centre of VG Learning Destination is powered by a standard tech. And with the help of virtual classes, all of its students across various centres can learn from the best faculties in the country.

Virtual Classes (Modern Method of Teaching) vs Traditional Classes

modern method of teaching Virtual Classes by VG learning
A modern method of Teaching : Virtual Classes by VG learning

Traditional methods of teaching are still popular among many institutes. It includes classroom teachings where an educator teaches to a group of students in a classroom with the help of a blackboard and chalk. They make notes on the board that are noted down by the students to revise later.

Now when it comes to Direct Tax paper for CA Final students, some people may argue that learning face to face from an instructor may be more beneficial for students. But in reality, traditional methods promote rote learning which is not favourable for a CA Final student.

Direct tax is a very vast subject and consists of multiple topics that include both theoretical and practical aspects. And it requires a deep understanding of the concepts accordingly.

You can try to memorize the theoretical part but to retain the practical knowledge for a long time, you need to have a grip over the concepts.

In face to face classes, there is a different instructor on every centre thus the level of education differs from centre to centre as no two teachers teach the same way.
Meanwhile, in virtual classes, all of the students across different centres have the opportunity to learn from the best.

Additionally, the lectures can be paused to take notes so that the students don’t have to write while listening to the teacher.( real beauty of modern technology and modern ways of education).

Different psychological researches are conducted on the modern techniques of learning and most of them indicate that students who study in the modern classrooms have been able to grasp and retain more in comparison to the ones who are being taught in traditional classrooms.

The main reason behind that is the availability of the standard resources for students that are constant for each centre so that there is no irregularity in the quality of lectures. Even the candidates who are residing in remote areas can gain the same quality of knowledge as the one who takes classes in a metro city because every centre has similar approved tech and resources.

Virtual Classes Vs Pen Drive Lectures

Many institutes have launched Pen Drives lectures of Direct Tax.
Pen Drive lectures have a fixed amount of short lectures that are not good from the examination point of view.

Institutes are promoting the Pen Drives as an easy way to quickly cover the whole syllabus of Direct Tax in the limited amount of lectures. Many students fall for their marketing tactics and spend thousands of rupees on Pen Drives thinking that they will be able to study the whole syllabus in just 60 or so lectures.

In reality, they end up wasting their time and efforts and end up learning nothing. The Pen Drive lectures skip out on many important topics and case laws to keep the number of lectures short. It only benefits the teachers as they successfully manage to sell these but the students end up suffering. Because on the day of exams, they realize that they have learned nothing.

The students themselves lack focus and determination when it comes to studying from Pen Drives as they keep getting distracted by other things.

Why virtual classes are best modern methods for teaching CA final subject?

In contrast to that, Virtual Classes have a disciplined environment that motivates the students to focus and study. It contains detailed lectures on every topic that helps the students to have a deep understanding of the subject. They also have a proper classroom where they can take notes and participate in group discussions with their classmates. Also, the students never miss out on any changes or amendments as they are all covered in the virtual classes.

Conclusion : Modern Methodes of Teaching CA Final Students

If we look at every aspect, we will find that the Virtual Classes are practically the best modern way to learn for a CA Final student.

They provide the integrity of a traditional classroom and lacks the shortcomings of the Pen Drive lectures.
You can get the proper knowledge of the subject from the best faculty and you will also be able to participate in the group discussion with fellow students.

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