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How to Prepare for CA Final Direct Tax Paper November attempt

Direct Tax in CA Final Exams needs patience and persistence. It is one of the most difficult papers of CA Final and only to pass this exam is not a simple job. However, since you need to score an exception it is recommended that you get a proper study plan for CA Final DT exam for nov 2019 and adhere to it strictly.

You will have to be disciplined and develop a proper strategy in order to obtain well in the CA Final Direct Tax Exam.

It takes a complete two years on average to completely study for exams. It takes 2 and a half years, if self-study, 20 months for Courses & 4 months of Preparation Allowance study. Preferably begin studying after the initial year of studies.

CA Final direct tax classes can assist you to finish subjects quickly and to some measure make sure that you study daily.

Learning Strategy

Following Topics & Concepts:

The main objective is to learn practicalities through classes or self-study.

•Make notes for everything, note important sums, while reading in Classes. Work to make sure you get all concepts; it is okay if you don’t memorize everything.

•    Just make sure that you study daily. Keep your records intact at all times.

•    Don’t assume much about exams. Just remember you are there to discover something new. Exams are just an analysis, what is necessary is knowledge. So, earn as much education as possible.

CA Final Direct Tax study plan for NOV 2019

Following the model of exam papers

It is mainly to learn how exam papers are really. When you are finished with classes/self-study, mark out all latest papers i.e. latest three years or last 6 trials, and follow the formation of exam papers. Notice how exam papers are like!

•    This will provide you exam penetrations and when you will study, you will understand how to prepare and what kind of problems you will have to set to test yourself while reading for exams.

First Revision

The objective is to prepare for tests, on the grounds of exam papers that you have examined. At this platform, you will answer everything that you have read till date, holding in mind the kind of questions that are asked in exams.

Self Test Review i.e. Second Revision

It is important to get trust in what you have studied•

•    This revision should be very quick, like every day you should do one section each of four separate subjects per day.

•    No requirement of solving, just continue reading & attempting to answer one or two questions.

•    Try to read problems and answer them verbally.

Paper Solving

The objective is to get familiarized with exam conditions and accomplish your level of readiness.

The month will be near about April or October. This is just precisely one month before the test. So what you ought to do is build exactly what the state will be one month later.

After performing the first round of Paper-solving, you should begin the second step of Paper-Solving. This should be a regular habit, i.e. 7 days back to back.

Third Revision

The objective is to get equipped for exam time readings and a final cycle of study.

•    Third Revision is for correcting mistakes that you marked while doing the paper.

•    You will understand your mistakes, so you will simply revise all subjects i.e. 1 subject per day and also correct the mistake. Get solutions for your queries, make the plan of which chapter problems you will solve first, etc.

•    You can also try updating the whole part in 75% of the day and then use 25% of the time for Paper Solving.

•    This moment you don’t solve for all 3 hours, but just worked lessened paper or just view the paper, built approach and answer a few sums in restricted 1-2 hours.

How to choose the right author data?

•    Get advice from everyone. Make a directory on your mind.

•    Rent these records from different scholars/seniors/friends.

•    Choose one chapter/topic of a part, of that subject. Learn it from ICAI’s study stuff and all the notes that are available with you.

•    Whichever you see most suitable, take it! Your decision may also be ICAI’s study material.

•    Study Supply indicates the Theory Module and not the Practice stuffs.

•    The single tip is- pick one which is Small, but still incorporates all issues and it is one consolidated book, particularly for theory questions like ISCA!

•    Apart from all the above details what one can do is reach out for an Online Coaching where one would perceive everything rather than assembling everything from various places.

When to practice, which book?

  • The Author writes that you have chosen: If you are doing Online classes, no need to study additionally. Just do your classes daily. Keep your lecture notes up to date. Daily 3 hours either in the morning or at night. Set the time!
  • Former Exam Papers
  • At this step, you will need to see only the review notes, then you will see the ICAI’s Study Material. Read just like a newspaper, just to make certain that you have not avoided any topic. After this, you can answer the Practice Manual for the first time. You can answer at least 40% sums on paper and rest 60% on a computer or roughly. 40% of the sums should of a diverse nature.
  • Review data, Signed Sums from Author Notes, SM & PM.
  • Case Laws Supplementary and Amendment Notes, Revisions Test Papers, Past Papers,
  • Marked Sums, Summary Notes.

The mission of CA is difficult enough but not impossible. Harder tasks take time but are crackable thus don’t lose faith. All you have to do is get admission in reputed and known coaching classes for CA Final direct taxation to help you get through the steps to crack & prepare for direct tax exam in CA finals.

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