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ca final toppers habits

Chartered Accountancy course is supposed to be one of the most respected but tough professional programs that one could seek. Nevertheless, it is the most challenging also. If you have cleared the CPT, you may be settling for the Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC) of CA. So, Here is a list of top habits that every CA Final topper & top ranked had and every aspiring topper should have:

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Begin Your Studies on Time

CA Final Toppers Habit is to Study on Time

One of the most essential points to clear CA Final is to timely start your readings. After clearing CA Intermediate, you have an adequate time in which you can end the CA Final vast syllabus. Never depend on the end few months to finish the syllabus of CA Final. Begin your studies at least 1 year before your CA Final endeavor. You might be pondering that one year is more than sufficient; you can effortlessly complete its studies in 5-6 months. But no, this is not going to happen.

Make a Proper Time-Table

CA Final top Rankers have proper time table

Do not start your studies without time-table. Count out a proper plan and earmark proper time to each and every topic. While making such a plan, excluding the last three months before your CA Final exam.

CA Final Toppers have Planning

Planning for ca exam top rank

It has aptly been said that if you miss planning, you are preparing to fail. Planning is holding ahead of doing. Just as any other plan, give a title to your project like CA IPCC Topping and map out your projects allotting limited time to different subjects.

Make a tiny diary stating therein, the questions to be studied in various topics and at the end of your everyday study, pen down the real achievement on that date. After that, locate the reasons for any variation and take corrective measures for any disturbance or diversion.

While preparing a study schedule of 12 to 14 hours a day, you require giving attention to the quality of your study. Study point is any time you are doing something similar to your coursework. It can be finishing assigned reading, operating on a paper or project, or reading for a test.


CA Final Toppers do self study

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Self-study is a necessity, and a good coaching core has its own benefits. Different expert faculties of the coaching center can lead you to different subjects and at the same time can explain your doubts. You can also communicate with your classmates and superiors. Therefore, go in for a joined study program.

Mock Tests

CA Final toppers attempt lots of MOCK TEST

Anxiety, panic, and trepidation are great pressures in the way of surpassing in the CA IPCC final exam. Furthermore, if you are trying to top the CA Final examination, you are more prone to be controlled by such contradictory thoughts and you’re over awareness may lead to a psychosis sort of position. This is why practice, practice, and practice.

Practice makes a man perfect… Most of the learners make complain that we have provided the best answers but ICAI has foolishly cut the marks in sequence to keep the pass percentage. But you should think, ICAI does not have any special battle from you. So quit accusing ICAI.

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If others can clear this exam then you can too clear. Answer as many mock tests or earlier attempt records as you can. It helps you in knowing the paper pattern, keeping the speed and accurately exhibits your answer.

Maintain Healthy Habits

eat Good food to top CA Final

Take prescribed but nutritious foods and keep the adverse and indecent thoughts away from your mind. Dodge socialization and undesired communications. Practice meditation and breathing workout for improving your concentration.

Make your Own Review Notes

Self Notes to Top CA Final Exam

It’s quite impossible to review the whole course in one day of preparation holiday from your normal book. So, make your own quick notes which you can pass through on the last day of preparation left. It will be helpful if you make such short notes in the body of the chart because the charts are simple to understand and learn.

Keep your Ideas Strong

Concepts for CA Final Exam

The concept is the foundation of your study. Never seek to learn things without knowing. Each and every idea linked to your course must be on your top.

Don’t just read the formulas, given in Regulation costing for answering the question! Learn them and you will never have to review them again. If your concepts are not transparent, it will be very hard for you to stand in CA Final not only in the first trial but also in multiple trials.


Revision for CA Final Exam

CA Final is not that tough, the real challenge is to retain its vast course. The only thing which can make you retrieve such vast plan is Revision.

Revision of the whole course is a requirement before the exams. You have to place aside the last three months for the review only. Smartly scan the course in the last months of examination.

No Pressure to Study More

release pressure of being topper in CA Final Exam

Rankers don’t carry tension. How? Regular Study! When you have already read, when you know the theories, when you have finished the questions, you will automatically get assurance & say goodbye to stresses.

While you are stress-free, positive, and not mourning isolation, you are agreeing to be happy & healthy. A happy & sound mind & body seizes the most and will provide you the best productivity, with the highest efficiency.

Time Management

ca final toppers need time management

Have a bright picture of the time concerning a month, week, days and hours. Grasp a track of all your actions that you do from the time you get up till you finish to sleep.

This will assist you to avoid unfruitful activities and can adjust the plan of your studies. You can carry out certain modifications in your habits and style also during the week for your study time. Candidates must learn to control and use precious time correctly to do great in their exams. Also, one must not delay their study or review sessions as it raises their burden.

This article has included all the important tips which can help CA learners in planning their CA Final syllabus. These habits will help you crack CA exams easily. Hope you found this article helpful.  So stay with us for more such valuable information.

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