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common mistakes of ca final exam

Are you anxious about your CA exams? Surely you will be because passing CA exams is not that easy. To say, there are no alternatives; only hard work and steadiness will pay off in the end. However, the past studies show that only a few students pass the CA Final exam. Most usually they pass percentage lies up to a maximum of 10%.  

There are a few blunders that almost every candidate do. These mistakes will be sufficient to demolish all your hard work at once. So here we are listing all the mistakes that you should avoid while preparing for CA Final exams.

Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing for CA Exams

Not giving importance to all subjects

If you love a particular subject then you would always spend more time studying them for initial days in revision. Provide equal attention to theory subjects. Be realistic as you have to get qualifying marks in all the subjects, be it your strong subjects or weak subjects. Adjust them by allocating the appropriate amount of time.

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Not being able to adhere to a routine

Keep experimenting with the schedule in initial days and adjust the plan to find the one that runs for me. Once you come up with a strategy, hold on to it. Make a practical plan with objectives which you can be achieved. If you come up with silly plans, you will become frustrated and lose motivation. Persistence is the key.

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Not regular in the class

Being irregular in the ca classes will leave you in a big problem. By skipping your classes, you are doing a big mistake and it will surely affect your CA exams seriously. It’s a natural tendency among the students to pause their studies considering that let the tutors complete the classes first.  But, it will negatively affect education. If you are skipping the classes daily, you will surely miss the core pieces. Even if you work to study it later, the theory may seem difficult. 

Not Concentrating on Concepts

CA exams are majorly complex and more demanding than the general Graduate or under-graduate university exams. The program made by CA students in terms of studying and training is extremely distinct and more professional. Over a thousand of CA Journals, CA MCQ Books, Seminars, Webinars, etc it requires to get in mind that having theories from a broad variety of stuff doesn’t make any sense. Learners should be open-minded and well enough to decide which material is friendly to their head & soul. They should concentrate on that particular subject only before preparing the CA Exam.

No Efficient Time Management

Always do your work productively and efficiently. After seeing the paper thoroughly, have a rough plan in your mind that how much time you should give to which subject. It usually occurs that students spend maximum time completing a particular question. When they are done, they apprehend that they have taken an ample amount of time to complete just one answer. Organize your time according to the marks the topic carries. For example, for one mark question, give only one minute or max to max 1.5 minutes, not longer than that.

Losing Focus

Choose a few high-grade books that are simple for you to understand with exam level questions and institute study material. Just don’t lose focus and keep doing the hard work as per your plan.

Not Practicing by Writing

 It is a general practice among the CA learners to rely on calculators for solving the questions, due to the lack of time. In theory papers, you will get performance skills by just understanding and grasping. On the other hand, in practical segments, the students are instructed to practice the problems by doing them manually on papers instead of just using a calculator.

Try to attempt at least one study paper of each of the subjects or you can do as per your requirements. This would assist in time supervision, handling exam stress, examining yourself, etc. Most significant, it will increase your confidence.

No Self-analysis

Many learners skip to do self-analysis while preparing for the exams. Even though you plan and perform well in the exam, without self-analysis you cannot recognize the shortcomings and deadfalls in your studies. By doing peculiar self-analysis, you will be ready to know your flaws, and what all errors you should avoid while preparing for your CA Final exams in a very prosperous manner.

Negative Thinking

 You should never think negative and always know your flaws. The mind often doesn’t judge or question thoughts and beliefs before taking them. If what it learns and sees, and reads are always negative, it takes this as example and fact. So always try to create a positive atmosphere around you. Allow more and more confident outlook in your life. Have more confidence in yourself and await positive outcomes.

Fearing During CA Exam time

Usually, students begin to get panicked after passing the first paper. The most dangerous part is they don’t forget what has gone and start wasting time on a lot of stuffs like reviving the exam time all over again.

The purpose here is rather than speculating about how your past exam has gone; you should begin studying for your next paper. What has passed has actually gone. Instead of remembering about the entire exam, give yourself a force and handle yourself for the second exam.

Not Revising before Exam

No matter how efficiently one studies for the exam, if he/she is helpless to do one full revision on the day before the exam, then surely the performance at the exam cannot be the best. A little more training will make the initial effort more productive.

Not being healthy:

It is necessary to take care of your body while being immersed in your books. It will have your mind active and your body fit. Daily exercise can even lessen your stress levels. Sleep for a minimum of 7 hours every night and have wholesome nutritious meals. Also, remember to hydrate yourself by taking at least 8 glasses of water each day. Avoid junk meals and dining out in the run-up to your exam day to avoid slipping ill. Don’t be over-stressed, stay positive and concentrated and you will achieve well.

Inattentive memorizing

There’s only one way of telling it that memorizing material won’t help you solve the highly-competitive CA exams. These exams are professional in quality and need long-term self-study for knowing the underlying theories. Though it is heedful to dedicate more time on the anticipated topics, in order to increase your possibilities, you must not neglect any point in the syllabus.

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