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CA Course Myths

There is a perception about accountancy that it is a boring role, but talk to any CA and you’ll find that their office is anything but boring! As a CA you could see yourself fixing up your own company, directing big-name clients in professional work or composing your brand in the public or not-for-profit sector.

There are quite a few myths widespread about the Chartered Accountants. You name a Chartered Accountant and people start imagining of number crunchers and that’s all. Below are the few myths that people have:

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CA is Very Hard Course

No, this is not true. Nothing worth comes easily, so yes you have to fight hard. If you outline everything from the beginning then it is not hard. it becomes difficult because people work hard in the incorrect direction and are less informed of what actually comes in exams.

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You need to be a spreadsheet genius

To qualify as a CA, you don’t need to know everything about excel. In your training classes, they will teach you everything you need to understand, starting with the basics in accountancy and banking and fabricating your knowledge during the duration of your course.

This is the most common myth about Chartered Accountancy. If you are trying to study CA, you must not buy this myth. You don’t have to be a calculation or spreadsheet expert to crack the exams. When you take coaching for CA IPCC Course, you will be explained the basics of accountancy & finance. It is not necessary for the candidates to have expertise in mathematics or expertise in spreadsheet data.

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No social life

You will not have any friends or life during the course of CA Studies is again a very common myth. There is a very helpful saying which goes like “Description of CA Student – Living a few years of your life like maximum people won’t so that you can use the rest of your life like most people can’t”. All stated and done. At the end of the day, it’s deserving it when somebody recognizes when you go to a social gathering.

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You are supposed to study for 14–15 hours a day

It is not mandatory. If you are a quick learner then you can take out some of your time for other activities. But this will be applicable for an ordinary student. On a general note, nowadays with so many coaching courses and internet at our hands, the time of learning has drastically decreased and an average student needs only 4 or 5 hours of study per day but with maximum strength and commitment.

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Chartered Accountants are Number Crunchers

This is a very popular misunderstanding among many people. Operating with numbers is something that maximum Chartered Accountants like, but that’s not the only task they do. They regularly work with the customers, ask them the appropriate questions and then perform their investigation. It is this analysis where stats and figures are important, not in all their work.

Many institutes train their CAs to hold a wide skill set. In addition to acquiring an excellent set of professional skills, you could see yourself operating your own business, managing and driving a team of people, managing exciting projects with big names or honing your consultation skills for multi-million-pound contracts. Having a source for numbers is just the start – as a CA you’ll have a realm of career possibilities to pick from.

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Graduation is required

Many people have a different misunderstanding that Chartered Accountancy can be attempted only after graduation. However, one can register to examine the course after finishing 10+2 or equivalent. Plus, there is another myth about the CA course that only commerce scholars can become CAs. But students of any subject stream can seek the CA course.

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Chartered Accountants Don’t Have fun Environment at work

This is a myth that is prevalent among the people who belong to outside Chartered Accountancy environment. They believe that the CAs are constantly into their laptops and struggling with numbers. One should recognize that the work needs a great deal of creativity and novelty. Gone are the times when all they did was operating with numbers. Their purpose is much more striking now. Besides work, they get into all sort of fun exercises at the workplace and enjoy their time.

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Chartered Accountants are not Business People

When somebody thinks of Chartered Accountants they believe that CAs has a restricted role in addressing business decisions. However, that is not true. They learn the business and have high expertise in finance-related matters. They are often asked before procuring a business decision.

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Final Words

If you are a CA candidate and are looking forth to practicing the CPT training, look up for CA Foundation preparation colleges that give attention to delicate skills as well. There are many recognized colleges where students are taught not only to become a CA but also for self-development.

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Like we discussed in the beginning, being a Chartered Accountant is surely an evergreen career choice. Choose the best institute for CA CPT Foundation preparation because that’s where your practice for CA truly starts!

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