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acca job opportunities in India

Before getting into what are the best career opportunities after the successful completion of the ACCA course, you should know what are the benefits of doing it and why are so many people applying for this course these days.

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ACAA or Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is an international accounting body that is treated and recognized as one of the big certifications in India and is treated as a local qualification in the other countries. After you have successfully studied the course, you will have the ability and the power to understand all the aspects of business.

ACCA is one of the largest growing qualifications in the world and it currently has 500,000 members and students across `170 countries.

Various benefits of applying for the ACCA course?

There are various benefits that come forth after you have successfully completed the ACCA course accreditation. This includes:

  • You can easily get an admission in any of the finance and management department of any business as you are a designator of Chartered Certified Accountant along with the letters of ACCA.
  • You have a better and more nurturing employment prospects that have resulted as you have the ability to handle all areas of business and development of it.
  • Someone who is ACCA accredited will be portrayed to have necessary skills that can easily make your manager feel that you have the potential to progress to senior managerial positions as well.
  • It will also make your employer feel that you have a higher status than the other employees of the same working standard and he will also ask for your clients.
  • ACCA or the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is one of the largest and the fastest growing global professional accounting body in the world and has currently more than 500,000 members and students in 170 countries. So this also gives you the benefit of being someone who has a better knowledge and understanding of business.
  • The skills that you will posses after the successful completion of the qualification with make you bid a higher demand in the eyes of the employer in various sections of business like industry, banking, auditing, consulting and other professions like taxation and law as well.
  • The aspirants can not only gain specialist knowledge in finance and accounting but they can also acquire valuable skills required in organizational management and strategy.
  • It indulges you in a proper practical understanding of the course curriculum other than theoretical knowledge.
  • The qualification is as per the norms of the international accounting and auditing standards and is IFAC compliant.
  • An ACCA accreditation is better and of higher standard than the university degree.
  • The exams are conducted only twice a year so the students can easily work while studying as well in turn acquiring the required business skills.


In a country like India ACCA qualified professionals can go for finance, banking, auditing, consulting, taxation, business management and law. Not only this but they can also go for advisory roles for individuals, business and governments, business support and tax advices.

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