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how to study for acca exams

We all get serious when it comes to our career. ACCA certification is one of the courses most students get confused that how to do preparation of that. Here, we are going to emphasize it. Let us check it out.

Go With Your Study Guide 

First, do not get confused that what other people are doing. You should go with your plan. Do buy good quality study guides. Start your preparation chapter wise. Make sure that you are going to familiarize yourself covering all needed sections of your syllabus. 

Go And Read The Textbooks 

Do not forget to study the official textbooks and approve study prep materials. It makes you know that you are going right. The best thing is that you will formative tests of knowledge and invaluable practice questions. These things will make you go ahead. You will get sure that you have done preparation from the trusted sources.

Go With Different Types Of Questions

You may go-ahead to do your exam preparation going with the computer-based exams. You can practice here the objective questions. The best thing is that most students go with the idea of doing preparation from the various forms. Talking about the various forms, there are many options available such as –

  • Multiple Choice Questions 
  • True and False Questions
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Multiple Response Matching Questions 
  • Number Entry Questions

Do Have Better Understanding

If you want to have a great result in your exam, you should make sure that you are not going only with the objective questions. Try to read as much as you can going with reliable options. Going with this way will help you to have better understanding of the material. The more you read, the more your doubts will fade away. Saying would not wrong your knowledge is everything if you want to have positive results.

Do Manage Exam Time In A Sophisticated Manner

You should be conscious regarding the time you will have in your exam. It would be ideal if you start practicing at your home that how you are going to get this exam done within the stipulated time. It will also help you to notice how many questions you will have to solve in each section. 

Do Collect More Information From The Official Site

You should not get confused since you can also grab the information from the official site. Here, you can find a variety of information. The official site always comes with accurate information. You would not get confused if you should believe this or not. All published information comes only after getting approved by the seniors. Smart students only prefer to go with official site instead of trusting other sources.

How To Make Your Study Plan

You should make your daily study plan that how much you want to do. Apart from it, your plan should have three categories including PLAN, LEARN, REVISE and FINAL Prep. When you categorize your schedule in this way, it helps to make you have the best results. 

How To Cope In Exam Center

While you are in the exam room, do not make hassle. Just make yourself at peace. And do not start until you have read all the guidelines of your exam carefully.


So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go ahead with the best way to prepare for the exam. You may add or delete some of these above-mentioned points if they do not sit well with you. Also, do keep in your mind that you do the best in your exam as you did earlier.

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